BINDURA – Nelson Chamisa has responded to reports of intimidation and threats made against his supporters in Bindura by warning Zanu PF leaders they would face justice if the MDC Alliance comes into power in Monday’s general elections.

Chamisa, addressing thousands of cheering supporters at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura, said he had heard that MDC Alliance supporters were being told that they would be killed or maimed if they vote for the 40-year-old.

“To those who are threatening people, hear me very well. Starting Monday, you will not be in government; we’ll jail you so stop threatening people because tables will turn,” Chamisa said to loud cheers.

He turned to his supporters: “Don’t be threatened. Zanu PF is like a demon, when its being cleansed it can be lethal at times.”

Chamisa said he chose Bindura as the venue for his last rally before his final rally of the election campaign scheduled for Freedom Square in Harare on Saturday, because the Mashonaland Central capital was where the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai stayed during his formative years as a union leader.

“Bindura means turning things around, so I said I cannot go to State House without going to a place of turning things around,” he said, the crowd lapping up his words.

“Bindura is important because it’s the capital of Mashonaland Central. This town is significant in that this is where our departed hero Morgan Tsvangirai worked and used to share good moments with people of this town.

“Even though you have supported the ruling party for a long time, you still got a raw deal. They always bring people from outside to represent you, you are always under represented.”

Chamisa maintained that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) was working in cahoots with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF to steal the forthcoming election from the MDC Alliance through rigging.

“ZEC is working with Zanu PF to subvert your will, they claim their server was cloned. So if it was cloned and Zanu PF has the data, it means they are the ones who cloned so deal with them. Names have a meaning, Mnangagwa is called Dambudzo and you have suffered. I’m called Chamisa, because I have come to stop people’s suffering,” said the former student leader turned preacher and politician.

Chamisa said if elected into power, he will phase out the bond note and reintroduce the multi-currency system before introducing a local currency.

Chamisa insisted that he was very sure they had won the election, calling it a “delayed match whose result is already known.”