JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Consumed by rivalry, most of Zimbabwe’s young businessmen have been brought to quarrel.

Not so Frank Buyanga and Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, it would seem.

Property tycoon Buyanga sent Kadungure, who is in the gas trade, a belated 34th birthday present this week – a special gold plaque engraved with Kadungure’s picture.

“That’s a very nice piece,” Ginimbi, who celebrated his birthday on October 10, says in a video posted on Instagram after getting the present from Buyanga’s representatives in Johannesburg.

“I’m not used to getting presents,” Ginimbi admitted.

The plaque was made by the Cape Town-based Pagliari Group master engravers and craftsmen, a company acquired by Buyanga’s African Medallion Group in June this year.

The Pagliari Group, also owners of the Cape Mint, manufacture a range of products including lapel badges, engraved rings, signage, plaques, mayoral chains, corporate gifts, tokens, key rings, jeweller stamps, custom prototype liquor bottles, cufflinks and money clips among others.

Gift joy … Genius Kadungure receiving his birthday plaque from Buyanga’s representatives at his office in Johannesburg
Gift … Frank Buyanga recently acquires the Cape Mint and master jewellers The Pagliari Group