BULAWAYO – A prominent Bulawayo preacher who correctly foretold the August 1 post-election violence has issued a chilling new prophecy – death on December 3.

Prophet Itai Ukama, of Abundant Life Ministries, made a prayer for “our leaders”in the October 21 prophecy, posted on YouTube by his church on November 1.

“I’m looking at the date of December 3. Why are people gathering, what is it? I give you December3, 2018. Is it the judgment of God, is it a natural happening? What is it? Why?,” Ukama said.

“Is it good when people die? I know that people in Zimbabwe are so bitter that when these people start dying one-by-one you are not sure they will be replaced with good ones. Better the devil you know. Better the devil who’s already rich than the one who will want to come and start afresh.”