Resolutions of the 17th Zanu PF Annual National People’s Conference held at Esigodini, Matabeleland South, from 13-16 December 2018

The Resolutions were in 5 main areas
1. Political
2. Economics
3. Historical
4. Local Governance and
5 War Veterans, Women, Youth

  1. Political

– Reaffirmation of President Mnangagwa as the Party’s Presidential Candidate for 2023 Elections

– Restructuring of the Party from Cells to Provincial Structures in 2019 which will be prefaced by issuance of electronic membership cards

– Preparations for the 2023 Harmonised Elections to begin in earnest

– Translation of the Party’s Constitution into all local languages

– Secretary for Information and Publicity to be the only one to communicate messages from the Party

– Audit of Party investments and to look for new investment opportunities

– The Party must establish its own radio and television service to publish its own programmes

  1. Economics

– Zero tolerance to corruption

– Rehabilitation and mordenisation of all irrigation facilities in the country

– Transparency and fair distribution of farming inputs

– Need for creation of local and external markets for farm produces

– Creation of an enabling environment for economic development founded on ease of doing business

– Government must intervene to curb three-tier pricing system

– Revival of NRZ and Air Zimbabwe must be accelerated

– Promotion of community-based tourism for empowerment of communities

– Re-engagement efforts must be continued with international community

– Protection of intellectual property from piracy through strong legislation

  1. Historical

– Establishment of a liberation war museum and promotion of production to document liberation heritage

-The Party and Government must lead the process to thank ancestral spirits for Independence

– Repatriation of body parts belonging to first and second Chimurenga heroes and heroines such as Chief Chingaira

  1. Local Governance

– Local authorities must regularise the informal sector

– Metropolitan Provinces of Bulawayo and Harare must have separate Provincial Councils

– Capacitation of Office of the Minister of State and Provincial Councils to enable them to lead economic activities in the Province

  1. War Veterans, Women and Youth

– All War Veterans must be allocated farmland

– The Party Constitution must be aligned to the National Constitution to enshrine the 50/50 representation in all leadership positions

– Amendment of National Constitution to extend the proportional representation to continue.

– National Youth Service programme must be resumed in the first quarter of 2019

– Government must develop a special fund for students with disabilities