HARARE – Clubs who “abuse” ball boys to run down the clock during Premier Soccer League (PSL) matches will now be charged a RTGS$2000 penalty when the 2019 season begins on March 30.

“The abuse of ball boys/girls refers clubs instructing ball boys/girls to withhold footballs, frustrate opponents, employ time wasting tactics during matches or any other action that the match referee may deem to be an act of mischief,” the PSL said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the PSL has resolved to increase gate charges for the 2019 season to RTGS$5 for the rest of the ground, up from RTGS$3. 

“Clubs that wish to charge more are required to apply to the PSL, however, gate charges must not be more than RTGS$10 (rest of ground) for high profile matches,” the PSL said in a statement.